Grand discoveries underneath the mesquite tree



Rocket loves this big old mesquite tree,
it’s his favorite place to sniff around on walks
and often yields great surprises for us all.
On this trip he discovered a nice fresh cow patty waiting there,
and applied it expertly to his face and neck
before I could persuade him otherwise.
All good walks end in a bath…
says the dog.

Equal parts tough as nails & sweet as pie



A few years ago we noticed this little Heeler girl hanging around the horse corral. She was feeling quite standoffish, so we set out food and water and then left the decision up to her if she would feel comfortable enough
to come a bit closer.

The following day we arrived in the morning to find her inside the corral with Moonlight getting the horses organized for the day.  She welcomed us at the door, we welcomed her right back, and there she has stayed ever since.

Not long after that we found her brother asking for food at the doorway of a nearby grocery store, and brought him home with us to join her at the corral.

We named them Hansel and Gretel, the two little lost wanderers.