Christmas really doesn’t like to go out for that one last visit to the yard before bed.  She is a firm believer that peeing in the kitchen at midnight is okay, and has a variety of tricks that she uses in great hopes of not having to go outside for those dreaded five minutes before bed.

One of my favorites is when she lays very still on the sofa, with her eyes pinched closed ever so tightly, pretending to be fast asleep. It always almost fools me. However, being a rather curious little creature, and completely deaf, she eventually cracks open one eye to check and see if her trick has worked.

I crouch down in front of her and wait (it only ever takes about 5 seconds) and when she takes a quick peek, her little eye meets mine with surprise, and we both laugh about what a good joke it was.

Then she goes on her merry little way, out for a quick lap around the backyard, nothing lost for trying, and probably making a mental note that she has to wait 10 seconds before peeking tomorrow night.