3 thoughts on “IMG_1179”

  1. Holy crap that’s a lot of water!! We get rain all year round here, but never that much!

    • I know right! It all sort of comes at once here. The backyard gets completely destroyed, and then grows back with a vengeance; super green and lush, the grass and plants so tall that the dogs almost disappear when they go out, just their tails peek out! Then the turtles start showing up (God only knows how) … and everything gets way out of hand!

      • Hahah jungle situation! You get turtles in your yard.. that’s great. :’) I had two turtles once, felt bad for them in the pet shop so brought them home.. even though that’s even worse for the new ones they bring in. But they were so great!! Apparently they love laying in the sun, stacking on top of each other to be closer to it. Even though they burn themselves.

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